Gulf Gate & Siesta Key, Sarasota's Barber Shop

6625 Gateway Ave.                        (941) 626-4894


Tuesday to Friday8:30 to 6:00pm,  Saturday 8:30 to 3:00pm,  Sunday & Monday Closed

Welcome to The Shop SRQ, Barber Shop. Located in the heart of Gulf Gate (next to the Sarasota Brewing Company), Erick & Dawn’s barbershop is the best barbers to get a haircut near Siesta Key.

Don’t believe us? Check out what just one of our clients had to say about their experience at our Sarasota barbershop:

“What a great place, love these guys!!!!! They are a breath of fresh air and make everyone feel so welcome and part of the family.” ~Roger Barfield

Why do people throughout Sarasota travel to Gulf Gate to get their haircut or styled?

  • Quality cuts. Every barber in our staff is a true professional. We’ve got barbers on staff who know how to cut and style men’s, women’s, boys, and girls. With years of experience cutting every kind of hair and all sorts of hair styles, you can trust us to give you the exact look you want.


  • At Erick and Dawn’s Gulf Gate barber shop, we welcome every one with open scissors. Seriously, we are a family business and treat our customers with the respect, courtesy, and warmth you come to expect from a reputable salon or barber shop. We’re family friendly, so busy moms and dads can bring the kids to get their hair cut, or to patiently wait in our kid’s area.


  • Sure, you could pay a lot of money to get your hair cut in a upscale salon filled with aromatherapy candles. Or, you could get your hair cut by seasoned pros who care about the end result, and not the tip at the end of a sale. At The Shop SRQ  you get the pleasure of knowing you’re getting the best value for your money at our barbershop.


Thank you for visiting us here online. We hope to meet you in person at our Gulf Gate location in Sarasota.