Pride Of The South BBQ

6616 Superior Avenue


Welcome to Pride of The South BBQ

Here, everything is smoked, and the hospitality is as Southern as the ribs and the pulled pork.

Being southern isn't talking with an accent or rockin' on the porch tellin' good-ole-boy stories. It's how you're brought up to respect others, to be fierce in your beliefs, to love college football, and of course love barbecue cookin'... it's darn near a religion. We here at Pride of the South have put together Southern home-cookin' recipes for your pleasure and enjoyment. So, put some "south in your mouth" and enjoy real barbecue! 



We take pride in setting a standard that no one across our great state can replicate -- and this has made us a must-visit spot for locals and tourists alike. Our #1 rating and many 5-star reviews come not by chance. They are a proud product of our Oklahoma-native pit master Mike Swofford, who prepares each and every bite with quality ingredients and care. From pulled pork to our creative Brisket BLT, our pride is cooked into every meal. Everyone raves about this local treasure because Pride "puts the South in your mouth."

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