Pawsh Boutique & Spa

6564 Superior Avenue                (941) 925-7906

Tuesday - Friday:  8.30am to 5pm

Saturday:  9am to 2pm (by appointment)

Here at Pawsh Boutique & Spa in Gulf Gate, Sarasota we understand that pets are more than just pets....they are precious family members that deserve the very best, and we offer a place where they can come to get just that. We believe in exceeding expectations and providing the best of the best for pets and their discerning pet owners. Here you will find special spa services not offered anywhere else and high-quality grooming results. Our ultimate goal is to not only make your pet’s grooming experience a positive one but to make this very important aspect of their life something that they can look forward to, take pleasure in and enjoy!

We love what we do and we think it shows! We want to make you and your pet as comfortable, relaxed and happy as possible during their grooming. We know grooming can be stressful and uncomfortable especially for the young and inexperienced, the nervous and the elderly pets. We try to provide an environment full of affection, relaxation, even fun while offering a kennel free stay (if suitable for you and your pet) or an individual kennel awaiting their arrival. We also schedule individual appointments and work straight though thus limiting the time away from home if this is needed for your pet.


Your satisfaction with our work is important so we will consult with you at each appointment to discuss what your expectations are, what is best for your pet, lifestyle, breed, type of coat, condition and budget. We will offer our expert opinion and best advice with regard to your pet’s comfort level, our abilities and reasonable pricing to make your experience memorable. All our spa packages are priced according to breed type, length of time for styling and behavior of guests during their spa treatments. Heavily matted dogs require additional grooming services and will be billed accordingly. We only use some of the best grooming products that are soap free, paraben free, salt free and no heated cage dryers so your best friend’s coat will leave feeling good, smelling good and looking fabulous!


We treat your pets as we do our own and our pets are very important to us! Come experience the Pawsh difference for yourself!

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