Italian Pizzeria, Restaurant & Full Bar - Family Owned & Operated

6630 Gateway Ave.     (941) 925-2323

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pizza gulf gate sarasota il panificio

We are an Italian Pizzeria, Bakery, Market & Deli that offers Hot Italian Dishes from original Italian recipes. Delicious Appetizers, Deli Sandwiches, Old World Style Bakery items and Desserts. We also have a Cappuccino and Espresso Bar and serve beer and wine.

We provide catering for Weddings, Corporate Events, Pizza Parties, and Food Deliveries. Some of our catering dishes include: Baked Ziti, Lasagna, Chicken Parmigiana, Manicotti & many more Italian dishes with a variety of Salads & Desserts.

 "A Delicious Italian Pizzeria & Old World Bakery"

Il Panificio has ovens brought from Italy and large dining areas both inside and out serving a wide variety of pizzas, hand-made semolina, wheat and unbleached white breads are baked fresh daily. Among favorite entrees are Chicken Milanese, Gorgonzola-stuffed Portabella and Steak Kabob. 

Homemade Bread


Our bread is made fresh daily by generations of family members.  We make it the Old World way.  Compare our ingredients to any other and see why our bread is healthier.  Flour, water, salt and fresh yeast, no citrus acids, no MSG, no preservatives, no enhancers, just Old Style healthy bread from the days of no chemicals. 


Our bread is available for retail sale and we are also a wholesale Bakery and Bread Supplier to Restaurants and Hotels.

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