Bob's Laundry and Dry Cleaning

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Bob’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning is a large and respectable dry cleaning and laundry establishment in Gulf Gate, Sarasota. We operate our own facilities with the most state-of-the-art equipment and employ dedicated experts who take pride in every step of the cleaning process.  


Bob’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning was established in 1970 and has been family owned and operated for over 40 years. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the personal service we provide to each client.

Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest. We combined our laundry service with our expert dry cleaning to create a service that is truly convenient and most importantly affordable for the business professional, stay at home mom, and the busy college student. It can be hard to find time to do your laundry from time to time, that’s why we’re here. Let us do your laundry so you can worry about the rest of your busy life.

We understand the demands and expectations of each and every one of our happy customers. We know that a the creases in your pants need to be symmetrical, your comforters need to be soft and fresh, your dress shirts to be crisp and clean and how all of our customers want to have a service that is efficient, reliable and affordable. We are proud to say that we have met and exceeded those expectations!


Garments are cared for on-site. Resulting from its large size and immense volume, we are able to extensively micro-sort to specific garment types and for individual fabric type, color design and weight to maximize care and cleaning effectiveness. After being cleaned in the most advanced equipment, each garment is re-inspected, further processed if necessary and then brought back to its original condition.

Business Wear - Since looking good is great for business, give your business wear the finest care. Great looking business attire is an asset. How it performs is up to you. We make sure that your fine suits, dresses, sport coats, neckties and shirts receive the care they need to look their best, and make you look your best, every day. 

Shirts - You know the difference an impeccably cleaned and pressed shirt can make. You’ve learned a tie looks its best on a well-pressed collar; that cuffs should be rounded and not creased. No matter how much you like to iron, trying to get the impeccable look of a professionally cleaned shirt at home is simply not worth the effort. We do shirts the right way. Quality shirt service is our specialty because we know details makes a difference to you — from your preferred amount of starch, to button replacement, you can count on your shirts to look and feel their best every time.

Doing the laundry is your basic household chore. Too bad your job or other responsibilities leave you so little time to get it done. Let Bob’s Laundry & Dry Cleaning handle your laundry workload-because we do laundry as well as we do dry cleaning! It’ll come back clean and neatly folded with a freshness you’ll appreciate everyday. Whether it’s drapes, furniture, rugs, suede, sleeping bags, pillows renovated, gloves, wedding gowns cleaned/ preserved, blankets, bedding, leather, stuffed animals, down garments and down bedding, clothes, suits, pants, shirts, neckties, hats, sweaters, tuxedos, bed linens, coats, furniture, jackets, furs, etc. we’ll get it clean.